Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is governed by the terms outlined in the Site Policy (User Agreement) of this website.

Personal information provided by users will not be shared with third parties without the prior consent of the concerned user, except for general information that may be disclosed to external parties.

We are committed to safeguarding the information provided by users, and any display of such information on the website will only occur after obtaining user consent.

Users are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and user identification. Mahindra Vista assumes no liability for any online or offline transactions involving credit cards, debit cards, or other instruments carried out by the user.

Users have the option to refrain from providing non-mandatory information. To offer a personalized browsing experience, we may collect personal information and preferences, using it to deliver relevant content and services.

For a more personalized experience, we may track the user’s IP address and use cookies. Users can choose to accept or decline cookies by adjusting browser settings.

While browsing the website, users are not obligated to disclose their identity. Registration is the only instance where users need to provide details. Mahindra Vista may utilize personal information for marketing efforts, site analysis, content improvement, and customization.

Users acknowledge that Mahindra Vista may use their personal information to contact them for targeted communications, such as advertisements, notices, product offerings, and relevant updates. Users may opt out of certain communications in their profile settings.

Mahindra Vista is committed to privacy in collaboration with law enforcement authorities. The website complies with all applicable Indian laws and cooperates with law enforcement inquiries, disclosing user details in response to legitimate requests or to prevent imminent breaches of the law.

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